Hisham Bharoocha (curator, visual artist & direction)
Santtu Mustonen (visual artist & direction)
Marcus Swagger, Gamma NYC (build lead)
Jesse Hlebo & Greg Kalliche (AV production)
Daniel Neumann (sound engineering)
Imprint Projects (production & management)

Commissioned by House of Vans

photos and video by Santtu Mustonen

METAMORPHOSIS was an unprecedented one-day art collaboration at the House of Vans in Brooklyn. Dave & Gabe partnered with artists Hisham Bharoocha and Santtu Mustonen to create an immersive, large-scale floating tunnel that featured projection mapped visuals.

A custom designed scene was created for each of the eight sets throughout the night. For the first three DJs, the audience was invited to contribute to the animations by playing on four drum pads located in the space. Hitting a drum pad would create unique effects on the visuals unique to each scene. The animations were also reacting to the music from the DJs, creating an interplay between the audience’s own influences via their drumming.

The evening also featured a live percussion and electronics performance by IIII (pronounced 'four’) that took advantage of a newly developed drum trigger built by Sunhouse called Sensory Percussion. The sensor is able to gather information about a drummer’s performance on an acoustic drum in ways not previously possible. Each unique hit, whether a light tap in the center of the drum, a cracking rim shot, or a cross stick could trigger a unique corresponding sound sample and visual animation. 

Dave & Gabe were responsible the software, hardware, and wiring involved in making the sound reactive visuals, the audience reactive drums, and the projection mapping.

The full line-up of counter-culture musicians and dancers included Brian DeGraw, Venus X, DJ Tameil, MikeQ / Qween Beat, IIII, Tygapaw, Dutch E Germ and Soft Circle.