Jon Baken, Composer
kqvc, Composer
Nick Bratton, Composer
Shane Myrbeck, Composer
Yotam Mann, Composer
Yuka C. Honda, Composer

Kae Burke, Fabrics
Jeff Sturdivant, Fabrics

Marcus Swagger - Gamma NYC, Digital Fabrication
Adrian Martinez, Build Lead
Daniel Stewart, Systems Wiring
Alcy Sivyer, Build
Rose McKee, Build
Harrison Lockhart, Build
Thea Rae, Build

Adam R. Brown, Director/Editor (video)
Kyle I. Kelley, Cinematography (video)
BullMoose Pictures, Production (video)

Client: AEG Live
Curated by: META.IS

Featured at The Lab at Panorama Festival in NYC July 22nd-24th, Hyper Thread is a large-scale interactive sonic experience that invites the audience to explore, manipulate, and create sounds in real time through tactile engagement. Via a series of silk cocoons inside of a larger undulating silk envelope, tension and movement of the audience are translated into musical components of the 3D soundscape and immersive lighting environment.