Matthew Dear - Music
Yotam Mann - Interactive Music Developer
The Principals - Architecture & Environmental Design
Listen - Creative Development & Production
Charlie Whitney - Media Artist
Phil Sierzega - Design Direction

videos by North + Nomad

DELQA is a collaboration with Matthew Dear that seeks to create a living world of music. By combining skills in architecture, acoustics, interaction design, and music, the experience invites visitors to physically explore his composition and participate in its arrangement. 

Dave & Gabe worked with Matthew directly to transform his composition from a static piece to a dynamic one. The music and sound synthesis is influenced by the presence of the audience in different places inside the structure, reacting as they climb and touch it.

Dave & Gabe built a 44-channel spatial audio system that places and moves sounds around the listeners in 3D so that as they explore, their perspective on the sonic environment will also change. Additionally, they designed an immersive and reactive lighting system that is tied to the progression of the music and interactive inputs. In DELQA. there is a blurring distinction between space, music, and light, uniting them into a singular cohesive reality.