Big Picture Company is a full-service entertainment production company dedicated to telling diverse stories, minimizing environmental impact, and creating opportunities in our communities.

We’re a group of mission-driven creatives and producers committed to making an impact using human-centered storytelling to forge a connection between people and brands.


Our services include creative development and production services for branded content, commercials, events, feature films, and television. We connect with a client’s current brand direction and strategize with them on new ways to enhance their message.

Once we’ve decided on the deliverables that best tell their story, we handle physical production so that their message remains unified and powerful from ideation to its release.


• We collaborate directly with a client’s creative team in order to conceptualize the right story for their brand. We develop the commercial during this phase.

• The right story will guide us as we then physically produce their content.

• Our devotion to the story doesn’t end with the shoot. In post-production, we will connect the dots and steward the project straight through delivery.

This intimate type of collaboration is how we have approached over a hundred video projects, including commercials, industrials, music videos, internal-facing spots, and branded series work. It’s also how we approach our feature films, which have premiered at film festivals like the Sundance Film Festival, the Los Angeles Film Festival, SXSW, and the Tribeca Film Festival. It’s how we’ve won Emmys, Webbies, and even Mtv Moonmen.

It’s how we work. We work together.


Even the most efficient production sucks up time, energy, and creates physical waste. On our sets, we aim to create tangible value from the process of creating a video.

By offering carbon offsets to our clients; reducing and tracking our trash on set; cultivating environmentally-conscience production best practices; and recycling and reusing production supplies, we lessen our carbon footprint, set a positive example for other producers, and validate the social values our clients share. This is stuff they can brag about.

The data we collect on our productions’ environmental footprints is harvested to save money. For example, utilizing reusable eating utensils lowers our trash output, and is thus an easy way to lessen our spend on trash pickup and on what we spend resupplying our meal kits. We’re aiming to share this data publicly, soon, in the hopes that this helps other productions be as green, and increases the visibility of the clients who are conscience enough of the environment to work with us.


We want to find clients who are looking to create positive change for the environment, their community and towards gender balance and diversity.

Here is a roll of beautifully-designed logos belonging to the super cool clients we have collaborated with.


We love innovation! We use and develop technology to be more efficient, and to have less of an impact on the environment. We’re committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our partners and ourselves, because stories are only as beautiful as the world we live in. We are developing technologies to help us do this.

We believe in a workplace that reflects our diverse world. Balance is the best way to make amazing content that shows a world full of opportunity, not stereotypes.

We make work that we can truly stand behind, and believe this can be done profitably, and responsibly.


Making sure our cast and crews reflect the diversity of our world and the neurodiversity of our communities. No ideation in bubbles, no keyhole world views.


Reducing waste on our sets and in our back office. Reducing carbon emissions from travel and transportation. Quantify, Limit and Offset our footprint as individuals, producers and as a company.


Commitment to hiring locally when possible and utilizing organizations like Ghetto Film School, Made in NY, Streetlights etc. to find talent from underserved communities.


Committed to showing a report at the end of every job showing: our impact on the environment and how we have offset it; impact on the community through micro economic stimulus; and impact on the film community towards improving the balance in gender and ethnic representation in above-the-line and below-the-line jobs.  

Most importantly, we commit to working with brands that share the same core values as we do.